Gender Reveals

Why find out your baby’s gender in the clinical setting of an ultrasound room when you could have that moment of surprise and joy surrounded by those you love?

Something Wonderful Happened will help you create an event that is both fun and suspenseful!  With guessing games for you and your guests, bespoke party favours, desserts and drinks and a beautiful cake made just for you and your little one, you’ll never forget the moment you found out “boy or girl?”

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Baby Showers

Whether it is a baby shower for your first child or a ‘baby sprinkle’ for an equally precious sibling, this is a wonderful opportunity to gather the people who will become your little one’s community during those first years of life. 

We’ll create an enchanting occasion that celebrates you as a mama as well as giving you and your guests time out from your busy lives to dream of the little person who is soon to arrive.  Because no matter how long your pregnancy might seem right now, one day you’ll look back and think that it all went by so quickly.  Trust us!

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