Sip and Sees

Your baby is finally here! Well done, mama!  You’ve done an amazing job and even if you would give your eye teeth for a little more sleep (just an hour or 10), you are absolutely thrilled with the family you’ve created.  Unless you want people dropping in at all hours to meet your little bundle, it is time to have a Sip and See!

Sip and Sees are planned a month or two out from your due date so that you have one less thing to worry about in those busy days after your baby is born.   Once you are ready to go, all that is needed is a week’s notice (a little more if your guest list exceeds 100) and we’ll do the rest.  All you have to do is invite the guests, dress the baby and then sit back and accept the congratulations.  After all, you deserve it!

Contact us to have a chat about your requirements and to find out how it all works.

Christenings and other milestones

Right before your eyes, your baby is growing and changing.  And while the days may seem long, that first year goes by in a flash.  Whether it is a christening or other event, Something Wonderful Happened will take on the planning so that you can gather friends and family around to do that most important of jobs, enjoy your little one.

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